Responsible Business Report 2019


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Improved customer satisfaction
In 2019, 120,000 calls were made to customers to assess satisfaction and our overall Net Promoter Score improved by 2.4 points to a score of +44.5. State of Service remained above our 95% target at 97%.
Lumnia insect light traps
Sales of our innovative Lumnia units increased by 32% year on year. Over 100,000 units have been sold to date. In 2019 Lumnia received Planet Mark certification by demonstrating 62% lower carbon emissions when compared to units containing compact fluorescent lamps.
Digital pest control
Each day, our digital platform processes c.9 million records through our Internet of Things devices. This robust digital pest control network provides customers with 24/7 monitoring of pest activity. myRentokil is being used by 96% of commercial customers.
Planting excellence
In the USA, Ambius received a record 27 awards at the prestigious International Plantscape Awards and in the UK won four Leaf Awards of Excellence from Plants@Work.
Performance in 2019

During 2019, we maintained a high level of customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

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Our Approach


Our purpose is to Protect People and Enhance Lives. We do this by providing essential Pest Control and Hygiene services for customers through the Rentokil and Initial brands. Both businesses are global leaders in their respective fields.

Our approach to responsible customer management combines global expertise with local insight and execution.

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Our innovation programme is focused on customer need – particularly in the areas of digital and sustainability. Click on the tabs below to find out more.

Digital Pest Control
Rapid Hygiene
Air Care
The Power Centre

Highly effective flying insect control, with reduced emissions and harmful waste.

Created in 2017, following five years of working closely with experts in the LED industry, Lumnia is the world’s first range of illuminated fly traps to use patented LED lighting technology rather than traditional fluorescent tubes.

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Remote sensing, with 24/7 transparency.

PestConnect is the world’s most advanced digital platform for pest control – combining connected control devices with embedded sensors and mobile connectivity, 24/7 digital reporting for customers and data analysis through our online command centre.

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In 2019, the company developed and piloted its first range of digital hygiene services, bringing its expertise from pest control to the washroom services market. The service works through a combination of washroom Internet-of-Things sensors and reporting to ensure better and more sustainable services.

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RapidPro is the fastest-acting rodenticide that is the most effective bait targeting mice infestation.

For use by professional service technicians, RapidPro was developed by the Company’s rodent behaviour specialists and biologists through extensive research and testing to achieve the best formulation to achieve optimum palatability, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

It is 75% faster acting than traditional baits and is also effective on mice resistant to traditional rodenticides. Because it is rapidly metabolised, it is also the safest option to avoid secondary poisoning of non-target species. RapidPro is now authorised for use in all European countries.

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For wellbeing in the workplace.

Ambius, with operations in over 17 countries, provides solutions to monitor, purify and improve air quality, as well as developing bespoke interior and exterior landscaping, and scenting solutions. It has pioneered many sustainability initiatives.

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The ‘powerhouse’ of our innovation programme is The Power Centre.

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Protecting People from Mosquito-borne Diseases

Mosquitos are a growing threat to public health and one of the biggest killers across the world – responsible for diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria and dengue fever.

Rentokil operates in three distinct parts of the mosquito and vector control market: residential, commercial (where increasingly companies are acting with a duty of care towards their employees) and large-scale vector control. We are therefore focused on building our scale and capabilities in this growing area.

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Product Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance

Safe use of our products is a major consideration in developing and delivering new and existing services. Training and safety information sheets are available online for each product.

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Digital Security

We are aware that as our services become more digitalised we must ensure the strictest data security including data privacy.

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PestConnect protecting over 73,422 square metres
Case Study

As Rentokil’s digital platform of PestConnect, myRentokil and Command Centre continues to go from strength to strength, our team in Australia rose to the challenge when colleagues completed an installation for a large customer site, a food production site covering six major production buildings over 73,422 square metres.

It took the team just two weeks to install over 400 PestConnect units, along with 120 Lumnia units, 100 moth pots and 100 crawling insect monitors.

Our Responsible Business


Find out more about our seven environmental work streams, our 2019 performance and ambitions.

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Find out more about our workplace and diversity programmes, our 2019 performance and future ambitions.

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Find out more about how we manage and encourage the right culture across our business.

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