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Highly effective flying insect control, with reduced emissions and harmful waste.

Created in 2017, following five years of working closely with experts in the LED industry, Lumnia is the world’s first range of illuminated fly traps to use patented LED lighting technology rather than traditional fluorescent tubes.

Lumnia attracts, kills and encapsulates insects hygienically – eliminating the risks of contamination. It is suitable for a diversity of internal environments- both large and small – with the added benefit of a reduction in energy usage versus traditional electronic fly killers. Our products include Lumnia Standard (for offices, shops, food retailers), Lumnia Ultimate (using second-generation lamps for high-dependency customers), Lumnia Colour and Lumnia Slim.

In 2019, Lumnia models received Planet Mark certification demonstrating 62% lower carbon emissions when compared to units containing compact fluorescent lamps. The reduction in carbon emissions is coupled with a reduced waste burden (with no fluorescent tubes containing hazardous substances, such as mercury).

To date over 100,000 units have been installed, delivering significant cost and emissions reductions for customers. Sales in 2019 increased by 32% year on year. Further enhancements to the range are planned for 2020.

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