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Air Care

For wellbeing in the workplace

Ambius, with operations in over 17 countries, provides solutions to monitor, purify and improve air quality, as well as developing bespoke interior and exterior landscaping, and scenting solutions. It has pioneered many sustainability initiatives, including:

Active green air

Active green air uses clever technology to enhance plants’ natural abilities to improve air quality to reduce pollutants and optimize the workplace environment. This complements other plant-based systems, such as green walls, to significantly improve indoor air quality


Ambius works with businesses to reduce the negative impacts of sterile, lean workplaces and enhance their environments by integrating a variety of biophilic features such as green walls, plants, natural woods or stone, and more that can reconnect us to nature at work. These biophilic elements effectively create a positive response by recreating the natural stimuli of the outdoors and easing the stresses caused by artificial environments.

In 2019, the quality of Ambius’ work received a range of awards including Sweden’s Best Looking Office 2019 and AmericanHort International Interior Plantscape Awards where Ambius won 27 gold and platinum awards in 2019.

Air, Only Better

Alongside Ambius, our Initial business also offers a wide portfolio of clean air solutions. This includes not only fragrancing and odour control for washrooms but also premium scenting to enhance customer experiences in venues such as hotels and retailers; as well as a new air purification offerings outside the washroom.