Responsible Business Report 2019

Company Overview

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Our Purpose is to Protect People and Enhance Lives.
Who we are

Rentokil Initial is the global leader in commercial pest control and hygiene services. Our purpose is to Protect People and to Enhance Lives.

Our Structure

Regional businesses: North America, Europe, UK and Rest of World, Latin America, Asia and Pacific. Each has its own dedicated management team. At a country level, operations are managed by local teams, focused on delivering outstanding service to customers.

What we do

Pest Control and Hygiene services account for 85% of Ongoing Revenues. In addition, we offer a range of other services such as interior planting, holiday displays, scenting, brand standards auditing, medical waste disposal, workwear services, and property care and insurance. The Company’s two main service brands are Rentokil and Initial.

Financial Performance

Ongoing Revenues in 2019 were £2,644 million at constant exchange rates. This growth was driven by a combination of organic and acquisitive growth. c.90% of revenues are generated outside of the UK.

How we do it

Rentokil Initial is a people-focussed service organisation. Increasingly, our operations are utilising digital technologies to enhance the services that we provide to make us more effective and efficient. Rentokil Initial is as much a ‘multi-local’ as ‘multi-national’ with a presence in over 90 of the world’s 100 major cities.

Number of colleagues


Economic Contribution

Paid wages and salaries




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Social Contribution

With almost two million customers worldwide we contribute socially to help improve public health and hygiene, through protecting people from the dangers of pest-borne disease, protecting property from the damage caused by pests and reducing the risks of poor hygiene or injury in the workplace.

Environmental Contribution

Corporate responsibility performance includes accreditation in the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the FTSE4Good Index and the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe. We were ranked by Vigeo EIRIS as one of the top five performers worldwide in the Business Support Services sector and we are included in the Euronext Vigeo Index: UK 20 (the 20 most advanced companies in the United Kingdom). The Open Corporation ranks the company 7th of over 9,500 multi-national companies for sustainability (#OpenCorporationRanking). MSCI gives the company a ‘AA’ ESG rating and Sustainalytics as a ‘Low ESG Risk’.

The RIGHT Way Plan

Our RIGHT WAY reflects our focus on pest control and hygiene services and the financial model to compound growth through M&A, while retaining five strong regional businesses. At the heart of the plan is our focus on colleague expertise, standard lean operations, and high levels of service and leadership in innovation and digital for customers.

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Where we Operate

Rentokil Initial operates in 81 countries, covering c.90% of global GDP. We are structured into geographic regions with country management teams, operating multiple service lines. These are supported by centres of excellence in marketing, innovation, finance, M&A and IT.

North America

Rentokil is on of the leading Pest Control companies in the US and Canada. Ambius is the leading supplier of plant services in both countries.

Number of Colleagues 8,624
2019 Revenue £1,040.3m
2019 Profit £147.4m

UK and ROW

We are the leading provider of Pest Control services in the UK and Ireland and the number two for Hygiene. We are a leading provider of Pest Control in South Africa, the Nordics and Baltics and across the Middle East and Caribbean.

Number of Colleagues 7,770
2019 Revenue £464.8m
2019 Profit £102.3m


We are the leading provider of Hygiene, Pest Control, and Plants services in Australia and New Zealand.

Number of Colleagues 2,212
2019 Revenue £190m
2019 Profit £39.4m


We are the leading provider of Pest Control and Hygiene services in Asia, operating across 15 countries.

Number of Colleagues 15,624
2019 Revenue £234.4m
2019 Profit £24.2m

Europe and Latin America

We are the leading provider of Pest Control in most countries in Western Europe. We are also a leading provider in Workwear and Hygiene in France and Plants in several European countries.

We also have a strong platform in Central and South America which reports into our Europe region due, in part, due to the shared languages.

Number of Colleagues 8,703
2019 Revenue £715m
2019 Profit £138.1m
Workplace Culture

We aim to become a world-class services company and an employer of choice that protects people and enhances lives through the effective delivery of our services. Our workplace culture, which we measure and report on, is critical to our success.

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