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Charitable fund
Launched in 2019, the Rentokil Initial Cares charitable fund uses unclaimed shares and dividends to support our partner charities – we aim to donate c.250,000 each year.
Community education
Since 2013, over 27,000 people have participated in community education events, mainly in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, through our Better Futures programme.
Malaria No More
We have supported Malaria No More UK for seven years, raising £237,000 in that time. Colleagues raised £36,000 in 2019 through a range of fund raising initiatives.
Rainforest protection
1,700 acres
Around 1,700 acres of prime rainforest has been protected over the last two years through our partnership with UK climate change charity, Cool Earth. This prevents the release of carbon through deforestation equivalent to our annual carbon footprint.
Charitable donations
With the £10,000 donation made by the company to the Australian bush fires appeal, we have donated over £1 million to charities since 2014.

Our Approach

Rentokil Initial’s approach to charitable and community support is in line with our social purpose to protect people and enhance lives. We also aim to make a meaningful contribution to the local economy and to support communities where we operate. Our Community Involvement Policy sets out our principles for positive engagement.

Rentokil Initial Cares is our charity and community programme which supports colleagues’ own efforts locally, alongside national and global initiatives. This innovative programme was launched in 2019 and uses the Company’s unclaimed shares and dividends to support our partner charities, rather than staying on the balance sheet.

This area of responsible business is important to our stakeholders, including our colleagues, as identified in our 2019 materiality review.


Rentokil Initial Cares
Three Focus Areas

Global community and partnership, providing long-term support for specific charities including Better Futures, Malaria No More UK and Cool Earth as well as a number of individual projects

Local community support and investment at a country or region level (mostly small amounts but more significant amounts are likely to combine financial and business support with volunteering and value in kind donations)

Response to national disasters, supporting affected communities where colleagues live


Launched in 2019, the Rentokil Initial Cares charitable programme uses the value of any unclaimed shares and dividends to support our partner charities.

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Global Community Support

Rentokil Initial Cares supports charities and good causes which have significant impact in many parts of the world from protecting families from the threat of malaria in Africa, reducing deforestation in the Pacific and providing community health and hygiene education in Asia.

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Malaria No More
Malaria Must Die Campaign
World Malaria Day
Cool Earth

For the past nine years, Rentokil Initial has supported Malaria No More UK (MNM), raising £236,737 (2019: £36,191) to date to help the charity in its mission to fight the deadly global disease, Malaria.

Malaria No More UK estimates that malaria prevention is one of the best buys in public health, returning £36 to society for every £1 invested.

Colleagues support Malaria No More through a range of initiatives and develop many ideas to raise funds including bike rides, marathon runs, mountain climbs, bungee jumps, race nights and cake-bakes.

Colleagues supported Malaria no More by signing the first ever voice petition fronted by David Beckham, with the aim of ensuring that commitments made to fund the eradication of Malaria around the world are kept. Colleagues from Australia, Germany, India, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, the USA and Vietnam all added their voice to thousands of others to demand that leaders listened and took action to end this completely preventable and treatable disease.

See the voice petition here.

In October 2019, world leaders committed $14 billion to the global fund to fight aids, TB and Malaria.

See the funding announcement here.

On World Malaria Day a colleague event called ‘Mocktails for Malaria No More’ was hosted simultaneously in our Camberley and Gatwick offices. Special alcohol-free ‘mocktails’ were created for the occasion: Mosquito Mojitos, Coco-roach Colada and Bed bug between the sheets. With raffles and donations included, these two events raised £728.58 for Malaria No More UK which was doubled by Rentokil Initial Cares matched funding.

Colleagues from South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Sweden, Vietnam and dozens of branches all across India support their UK colleagues by wearing yellow and sharing pictures on G+, the company’s internal social media channel.

Since 2018, Rentokil initial has been in partnership with Cool Earth, the climate change charity which works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. It sets up community-led partnerships, which aim to help villages in the frontline of rainforest destruction to build sustainable livelihoods, so that local people benefit more from keeping the forest standing than clearing it.

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Local Community Support

Rentokil Initial Cares (RIC) supports local communities in all regions. Each region has an ambassador who coordinates the fund to match colleagues’ efforts locally and to commit financial support to those local charities which protect people and enhance lives in line with the company’s social purpose.

Community activity is coordinated, monitored and reported (with an approval process for additional funds) through the RIC committee, has clear rules and policies, and results are communicated across the company.

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Supporting Communities at a Time of National Crisis

Over the last ten years, the company has supported many local communities at times of crisis including the earthquakes in New Zealand and Indonesia; flooding in northern Thailand and the devastation caused in Kerala, India, from monsoon flooding; the widespread devastation across Fiji from Cyclone Winston; and the more recent hurricanes in the USA and Caribbean.

The first donation by Rentokil Initial Cares was to support the local communities and colleagues in Kerala, India, to help them rebuild their lives and homes after the flooding in 2018 and one of the latest donations was to support those affected by the recent bush fires in Australia.

Australian bush fires
Case Study

The world looked on, horrified, as Australia battled with monster bushfires and extreme weather conditions. The fires created unprecedented damage, destroying more than 14 million acres of land and killing more than 20 people and an estimated 1 billion animals.

Rentokil Initial was extremely proud of the number of colleagues who volunteered to help the community. We pledged to support those that volunteered, through the payment of unlimited Special Leave, when they were called upon to assist during an emergency or natural disaster.

Many colleagues bravely volunteered with the Rural Fire Services throughout the bushfire season. Others worked tirelessly with charities to assist those who lost their homes and livelihoods or to help with rescuing and rehabilitating thousands of displaced animals.

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