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Rapid Hygiene

In 2019, the Company developed and piloted its first range of digital hygiene services, bringing its expertise from pest control to the washroom services market. The service works through a combination of washroom internet-of-things sensors and reporting to ensure better and more sustainable services.

Rapid Foam

A revolutionary, connected, touch-free soap dispenser, Rapid Foam reduces the amount of soap used by up to 90% and its associated plastic waste by up to 96%.

The benefits of Rapid Foam:

  • Set dose size to suit – provide over 16,666 hand washes from a 5L consumable
  • Environmentally friendly – significantly reduce volumes of consumables, plastic waste and refill servicing requirements
  • Suitable for retrofitting into existing washrooms, with wall-mounted and counter options available
Rapid Water

A touch-free, smart tap that can reduce water consumption by up to 2L per hand wash while offering risk-reduction features for the safety of users.

The benefits of Rapid Water:

  • Reduces your water bill by regulating flow rate
  • Uses a thermostat to control water temperature to prevent scalding
  • Automated flush cycle to prevent stagnant water and reduce the risk of Legionella
  • Suitable for retrofitting into existing washrooms, with both wall-mounted and counter options available
Rapid Flush

Specifically designed for toilets and urinals to improve odour, reduce lime scale and improve the customer experience in high-use commercial washrooms.

The benefits of Rapid Flush:

  • Automatic dosing after every flush reduces the need for additional cleaning products
  • Dose can be adjusted for hard or soft water, with high capacity 5 litre containers that will reduce refill servicing
  • Gentle foaming action masks stains and removes the causes of malodours
  • Releases a pleasant fragrance to deodorise the toilet

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, data flowing from Initial Hygiene’s digitally connected smart washroom fittings are displayed 24/7 in a user-friendly online management portal, which provides which alert when consumables are running low and provide analytics to help customers identify patterns and trends and better understand their customers’ behaviour.

Reducing water usage

The introduction of our smart technology at a male toilet in a hotel and office complex, resulted in a 68% reduction in water used when a smart toilet and urinal cleaning system was installed, and 150,000 litres of water saved per year when concussive taps were replaced with low-flow smart taps that automatically cut off to reduce run times by 70%.

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