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Digital Pest Control

Remote sensing, with 24/7 transparency.

PestConnect is the world’s most advanced digital platform for pest control – combining connected control devices with embedded sensors and mobile connectivity, 24/7 digital reporting for customers and data analysis through our online command centre.

This system allows for a rapid response to emerging pest problems on site before they are able to take hold, and also enhances our effectiveness and efficiency.

  • myRentokil data for 96% of commercial customers
  • 5 billion records held in our Command Centre
  • 9 million records processed each day
  • A customer visit every 4.2 seconds somewhere in the world
  • A photograph taken on-site every minute
  • PestConnect: Live in 25 Countries


Connected services

Rentokil leads the market with a range of products that uses this technology, including:

RADAR Connect

Can be used as part of an effective integrated pest management solution for mice. This enables enhanced monitoring and protection, ensuring you are always aware of any pest activity. Using our effective, humane mouse trap RADAR, the Rentokil Connect technology allows immediate capture and containment, all whilst monitoring and reporting mice activity.

Rat Riddance Connect

Allows for the control and monitoring of rats using a non-toxic method in the same areas as the RADAR unit does for mice. The Rat Riddance unit is also available to be used externally should the need arise.

Dual AutoGate Connect

Current legislation and codes of best practice require pest controllers to know of an existing infestation before implementing any external toxic baiting program. Dual AutoGate Connect is the first of its kind to allow toxic bait to be strategically delivered as and when required, the system alerts us to the presence of mice and rats early on site, before they become a problem.

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