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Workplace Culture

Underpinning Everything we do is our ‘One Rentokil Initial’ Culture

It’s a one team mentality with a common purpose and set of values, focused on delivering a great customer experience. Our culture is characterised as customer focused, commercial, diverse, down to earth and innovative. We measure the five characteristics of our culture across our world. The results of our 2019 survey are shown here alongside a comparison with the 2017 survey.

We operate a multi-layered approach to analysing and measuring changes within our workplace culture through internal and external sources.

Culture Model

Our culture model includes our purpose and values, five core culture themes and ways in which we measure, monitor and report on culture.

Our Purpose
Protecting People. Enhancing Lives.
Our Values


We are passionate about delivering excellent service to every customer.


We value long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers.


Our business is all about great teamwork – getting it right for our colleagues and customers.

Our Culture

Customer Focused


Firstly, we’re a service company. We strive to meet our customers’ needs and our people go the extra mile to do so. We work hard to support our customers and each other. When things go wrong, we put them right.



We employ smart people to help the company grow by making good decisions that benefit our customers. We constantly seek out new opportunities for growth and ways to work more effectively.



We want our workforce to reflect the diverse customers we serve. We value everyone’s talents and abilities and strive to attract, recruit and retain the best people from the widest possible pool of talent.


Down to Earth


We don’t like big egos. People who succeed with us are friendly, comfortable in their own skin, straightforward, constantly seeking to improve, with ideas and experiences, and acknowledge the contribution of others.



We use the latest advancements to build an innovation pipeline that sets us apart from the competition. We embrace digital technologies that help create new products and make us more efficient.

Measuring our Culture

We measure our culture in two ways. Firstly, using analysis of our internal Your Voice Counts colleague survey results, mapped to each of the five core culture themes in our culture model to provide a score and trend for each at a Group and Regional level. In addition, we have identified 12 questions in the survey to create a Core Culture Index (listed below). Secondly, using external independent sources, such as our ratings on the job website Glassdoor.

Core Culture Index
  • There are good opportunities for me to learn and develop at this company
  • I am treated with respect as an individual
  • This company cares about the health and wellbeing of colleagues
  • This company is innovative in developing new products and services
  • This company is open and honest in its communication to colleagues
  • This company has a clear sense of direction
  • I have trust and confidence in this company’s senior management team
  • I have trust and confidence in my manager
  • This company understands and appreciates differences among employees
  • I have a good understanding of our company’s values
  • I feel proud to work at this company
  • I would recommend this company to others as a good place to work
Culture Index Results

The Core Culture Index and themes are reported with trend every two years in line with the Your Voice Counts measurement cycle.

In 2019, our Core Culture Index improved by 1% point to 80% with all Regions improving expect for Asia which declined by 1% point from a very high base. The UK and Latin America Regions both improved by 4% points.

Our strongest cultural characteristics in the view of colleagues are Diverse, Innovative and Customer Focus. The most improved scores were in the UK with Customer focus increasing by +7% points and in Latin America with the Innovation theme increasing by +6% points.

External Perspective

In line with best practice we also report third party analysis from the global recruitment site Glassdoor. As at 31 December 2019, our ‘Company Overall’ rating was 4.4 (out of 5) and ‘Culture and Values’ rating was 4.3 – both significantly ahead of the Glassdoor average of 3.5 and 3.3 respectively. In the UK, Rentokil Initial was ranked #1 in the Indeed.co.uk Top Rated Workplaces award (November 2019).

Category Glassdoor Average Rentokil Initial
Overall Rating 3.5 4.4
Career Opportunities 3.0 4.3
Compensation & Benefits 3.1 4.2
Culture & Values 3.3 4.3
Senior Leadership 3.2 4.3
Work Life Balance 3.4 4.1
Recommend to a Friend? 63.4% 87%
CEO Approval 71.4% 93%
Positive Business Outlook 50.0% 83%
What our Colleagues say:
Having been with the company for almost three years I have completed outstanding training. Alongside my job is the apprenticeship program which is great. Throughout the 12 months I was on the apprenticeship scheme (customer service practitioner L2) I learnt a lot about the organisation and about customer service that I never thought I knew.
Review on
Fantastic place to work with fantastic people and a real family feel. We have real family values here and we all work hard and play hard with lots of innovations of products and services to sell to our customers.
Review on
I truly believe the organisation cares and values its employees and has a number of initiatives available with regard to health & wellbeing.
Review on
The work is fast paced and varied and can at times be demanding, however there is a strong culture of recognition and reward. The organisation places a huge emphasis on the learning and development of staff and has comprehensive programs in place to support and aid this.
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