Sustainable Development Goals Examples of our actions How they assist sustainability
Good Health and Wellbeing HygieneConnect
Improving handwashing compliance through the use of sensors in the washroom which combine results and present a compliance percentage for users to see on display units.
myLearning Digital learning portal for customers’ own employees, to meet their own regulatory compliance standards, particularly in the food processing sector.
Digital PestConnect with Google Cloud Solutions 24/7 monitoring of pest activity. Provides a faster and more efficient response and reduces chemical usage.
Safety Golden Rules and Safety Leadership Behaviours Building and maintaining a safety culture across the company.
RapidPro Effective on mice that are resistant to traditional rodenticides and is faster acting than traditional baits – the safest option to avoid secondary poisoning of non-target species.
Quality Education Technical training and development of U+ materials Improving colleagues’ technical knowledge through sharing best practice. Apprenticeship and graduate programmes.
Gender Equality Gender diversity initiative Developing programmes to improve gender diversity and equality at all levels eg Women in Pest Control.
Decent Work and Economic Growth Employer of Choice programme Our programme continues to deliver high quality training and career development opportunities. In 2019, 1.8 million training items were viewed on our in-house training system – including colleagues in developing countries. We added 3,500 people to the company during the year and have 400 apprentices and 100 members of our graduate scheme. Our colleague’s work is supported by technology and innovation, particularly digital tools.
Responsible Consumption and Production Nordic Swan and Eco Flower labelling for hand wash liquids and foams Eco-certified production to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice standard for food processing and cosmetics manufacture) and HACCAP standards.
Nordic Swan and Eco Flower labelling for EcoClear WC & Urinal Fluid products Less water consumption and more hygienic washrooms.
e-reporting for customers and e-billing Over 4 million e-reports generated for customers in 2018 removing paper usage. E-billing has reached 54% in the UK.
Lumnia flying insect control 100,000 units sold. Reduces the waste burden by using LED lamps and lowers power usage / emissions by 62%.
Reducing chemical and water usage Optimising resource utilisation, by through our advanced workwear supply management contracts.
Climate action Introducing modular Airfresh units Replace aerosol-based air fresheners in the UK.
Introducing route optimisation and engine control unit mapping Reducing our vehicle emissions and four e-vehicle/hybrid vehicle trials underway.
Partnerships for the Goals Rainforest protection Partnership with Cool Earth protects c.850 acres p.a. mitigating carbon released through deforestation, equivalent to our prior year carbon footprint.