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External Awards and Recognition

In 2019 we were awarded the International Risk Initiative of the Year from the International Institute for Risk and Safety Management. The award recognises the successful (and continuing) implementation of our global SHE Golden Rules programme, across our 43,000 colleagues in the 81 countries in which we operate, and the significant role the programme plays in sustaining our safety-first culture and keeping our colleagues safe.

Specific points highlighted include:

  • The clear link to our global SHE strategy and relentless commitment to ‘ensure that everyone goes home safe’.
  • Successful implementation our global operations and dealing with the international complexity, particularly in our emerging markets and newly acquired businesses.
  • Simplicity of the programme – simple, clear and focused on the basics.
  • High quality resources provided to all countries in multiple languages to enable them to deploy and embed the rules.

The programme empowers our colleagues to make the right decisions to safeguard their own safety and makes clear that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

For the second year running our UK business has been awarded a Gold Award by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The Chief Executive’s Safety Awards for 2019

  • North America – Best SHE Performance (Large business)
    Outstanding LTA and WDL performance at all-time low; successful execution of important initiatives incl. the delivery of a new safety training programme to 200+ leaders; strong leadership with a commitment to excellence in H&S
  • Hong Kong – Best SHE Performance (Small to medium sized business)
    Excellent LTA performance; leaders highly engaged and visibly lead SHE activities; strong focus on colleague engagement and recognition
  • Italy – Best SHE Performance (Small to medium sized business)
    Excellent LTA and WDL performance; strong systematic approach to SHE; international SHE accreditations